Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Story Eighty Five - Holby City

In the week following me instructing Chris the Giant, things moved incredibly fast.

The court application was submitted. Chris asked the fabulous Amanda Weston to be our barrister. Steven was referred to the Official Solicitor to act for him, Hillingdon were instructed to hand over all their records. And a hearing date was listed for 21st December - three weeks time.

That week the social mysteriously went on three weeks leave - to return on 22nd December! Hillingdon obviously felt they darent risk putting her in the witness box, so she was hidden from the court's view.

Time was running out but Hillingdon still had time for one more stunt. One of their cruelest of the year. They told Steven that he might be moving to a hospital in Wales for Christmas.

It had the desired effect - Steven was beside himself. "Steven Neary's not sick". " Doctor's not cutting Steven Neary's belly with a knife like Holby City". "Mark Neary bring Steven Neary's Christmas presents to the hospital". He was in a blind panic. It was heartbreaking.

The intention was obvious. Before the hearing, Steven would be interviewed by several legal people. Hillingdon wanted his anxiety levels so high, he might have kicked off and showed the legal people that Hillingdon were right.


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  1. I can't believe anyone would do that, let alone a 'professional'. How can they have been so spiteful? Poor Steven, and poor you.