Thursday, 3 April 2014

Story Eighteen - Vamping

Steven has signature tunes for most people. Some are blindingly obvious. Some are him trying to convey a message to the other person. Some need so much de-coding you can feel your brain start to frazzle. They all make sense in a special Steven logic.

So when he greets someone, he'll shake their hand and sing their own special song.

One day at the Unit, one of the staff came up to me and said that everytime he clocks on shift, Steven comes up to him and starts singing:

"My heart starts missing a beat.
My heart starts missing a beat.

"Oh, that's a Pet Shop Boys song" I replied, "I'll check out with Steven why that's become your song".

Later, I asked Steven -

"Cos, he looks a bit like Dracula".

Awkward moment. The guy was waiting for me to feedback the meaning behind the serenade. How do you tell someone that Steven reckons he resembles Dracula. I bottled out and told him he looked like a character in a Pet Shop Boys video.

Take a look at the video. Would you want your personal care done by this man.......?

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