Monday, 7 April 2014

Story Twenty Three - The Duke

One of Steven's long term workers called Steven "The Duke of Uxbridge".

Steven loved that. And everytime they greeted each other, they sang a quick burst of:

"Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Uxbridge......."

When the cat was out of Hillingdon's bag and we knew that they had no plans to let Steven come home, the support worker was called into the office one day and told that Steven may get upset and confused by the song as he won't be returning to Uxbridge. Seriously. The Unit were seriously screwing him over every day but one song had become a no-no.

Did it work? Of course bloody not. They still sing it today, except Steven has become the Duke of Cowley.

Darts have been good for Steven. They taught him that a black woman can marry a white man. I told him the story of seeing Darts at the Palladium in 1979 and Den Hegarty falling from the Royal Box, so Steven now knows that you don't climb when you're in the theatre. And he once told a man at the bus stop that "Mark Neary thinks Griff Fender is a very cool dude"

Anyway, let's forget those bastards in the Unit and have a sing song:

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