Saturday, 5 April 2014

Story Twenty One - Morrissey

I'd forgotten this story. Steven reminded me of it this afternoon during one of our marathon Saturday afternoon tape sessions.

I remember at the time, Steven's normal support worker was furious at the attitude of the staff at the Unit but was impressed with Steven's way of averting a meltdown.

It was June 2010. The Unit were still persisting with their use of the Timer. Steven was having to use it everyday in order for him to watch Countdown. One of the staff would set the Timer about 2.30 and Steven would sit and watch it intently for the next hour until his programme started.

This particular day was during the 2010 World Cup. And 10 minutes before Countdown was due to start, one of the Unit staff changed channels as the staff wanted to watch the Italy match. Steven got up and changed the channel back to 4. One of the staff took the remote control off Steven and put the football back on. This went on for about five minutes, with Steven getting more and more worked up, until he eventually burst into tears. A couple of the staff thought this was very amusing and started to mock Steven.

One of them said: "Oh look. The little baby's miserable now".

Steven perked up.

"Miserable. Like Morrissey".

Blank response

"Like Hang the DJ".

Blank response

"Like Charlie Hawtrey".

Steven's lateral thinking was getting in the way of them watching the match.

"Shut up Steven".

"Miserable. Like 4 men Smiths".

Steven was sent to his room until the match finished. The log recorded, Steven's behaviour being "especially challenging this afternoon" but no mention of Countdown or Morrissey.

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