Saturday, 10 May 2014

Story Fifty Eight - The Expert Speaks

Bear with me but I'm still going through the court bundle for reminders.

Here are the "Discussions points" from a report written by the social worker prior to the April 2010 professionals' meeting.

At this point Steven had been in the Unit four months. The Unit had recorded over 450 incidents of challenging behaviour. The fake transition home plan had been going for just two weeks.

You can see that it is inconceivable to the social worker that being in the Unit is the cause of the problem. Her expert opinion is:

"There has been an increase in Steven's behaviours. (Before coming into the Unit) Mr Neary had not reported to us any incidents with Steven. However I would suspect that there had been incidents within his home and out in the community and Mr Neary chose not to record them as accurately as they should have been, as it seems unlikely that the behaviours would have escalated to this level so quickly"

Could some of the behaviours be down to Steven not understanding what we expect from him?

"Confusion with the visits to Dad - are these leading to more behaviours and if so what can be done to help Steven with this?"

Having that lack of insight and the certainty that the problem is "out there" is terrifying.

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