Saturday, 10 May 2014

Story Fifty Seven - Transparency

Ah - transparency. It's a beautiful thing. Hillingdon pride themselves on their transparency, according to their website.

You may remember that professionals meeting in April 2010, when they decided that Steven couldn't come home, they'd find a new placement for him and that I mustn't be told.

Here are two emails from the court bundle, that were sent during the week following that meeting.

The first is from the social worker's manager's manager and is to the direct payment team:

"We may chose to keep Steven in (the Unit) which may be against Mr Neary's will. This information is presently very confidential. Please do not discuss with anybody until informed differently".

The same day, the social worker wrote to the psychologist she had commissioned to carry out the mental capacity assessment about whether Steven had the capacity to decide where to live:

"Mr Neary is unaware that we may need to keep Steven at (the Unit) or a place similar and he is not to be informed of this possibility"

The award for "Family partnership working" is starting to look a bit rusty.

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