Monday, 12 May 2014

Story Sixty - Victim Shift

Yesterday, Sara Ryan wrote the extremely powerful post about how Southern Health reported to Monitor that they were being "trolled" by people connected to the #107days campaign. The full post is here:

It was incredibly similar tactics to the ones used by Hillingdon just prior to the Judicial Inquiry after Steven returned home.

Although, it is not strictly speaking a story from Steven's time in the assessment and treatment unit, it does feel appropriate to add it at this particular time.

This is the section from the submission from the social worker's manager:

"There is a further matter that I would like to draw to the court's attention and it relates to the receipt of two anonymous letters in this Department. Two letters were handed in to the Civic centre reception. The letters made explicit threats to the allocated social worker. The letter was sent by someone who purported to be a "friend of the Nearys". The Council's legal services have liaised with Mark Neary's legal team and it is clear that there is no direct connection between the anonymous author and the family. Indeed, Mark Neary had expressed his disgust at what has taken place. Since the receipt of this letter, the social worker has been on sick leave and the case has been reallocated to another worker. The matter was reported to the Metropolitan Police and an investigation was conducted but there was no successful outcome. The Department is extremely concerned that a member of staff has been threatened and hopes that the court will take account of this".

Make of all that what you will.

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