Friday, 9 May 2014

Story Fifty Six - Spiralling Costs

The court bundle of social care records stretched to 8 lever arch files.

One of the first pages, that caught the judge's attention was an email to the social worker from her manager.

This email was sent on 31st December 2009 - the day after Steven was taken away. It shows that money was on the agenda from the word go:

"I'm concerned about the costs spiralling here. The Unit costs around £2.5k per week. With the existing package continuing to be put in place whilst he is in residential care, the cost goes up to £3.5k per week and if you then go for a waking night in the Unit, it will be even more. Can we rationalise the use of the existing package whilst he is at the Unit".

Note that Steven's name is never used once.

He wasn't in residential care - he was in an assessment and treatment unit.

What does "rationalise" mean?

Was money at the root of everything that was to follow for the rest of 2010?

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