Monday, 12 May 2014

Story Sixty One - Curry & Fists

Steven loves a train journey. He's not too fussed about the destination - it's the ride that is the important thing.

For a few months prior to going into the Unit, Steven used to have a Thursday afternoon trip - Uxbridge to Aldgate - the full length of the Metropolitan line. They'd get out at Aldgate for a banana milkshake and then come straight back home again. He loved it.

I'm surprised the Unit didn't put a stop to the train ride, considering how obsessed they were with "risk". They did eventually of course but until the DoL, they allowed Steven to access the community facilitate by public locomotives.

One day, he got back to the Unit and asked to speak to me on the phone. He had his report to file.

" Dad - been on the train to Aldgate. I first felt a fist. And then a kick......."

I could feel the tension rising in the Unit. A fist? A kick? Better do a safeguarding referral

Steven continued: "The last thing I saw as I lay on the flood was Jesus saves painted by an atheist nutter". (It didn't come out quite as clearly as that but I got the drift)

The shift leader must have been beside herself by this point.

And finally: " The wine's gone flat and the curry's gone cold".

Wine? The support workers let him drink? And we're not having curry tonight.

I could have set them straight but I don't think I would have been heard or believed.

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  1. No reason why you should put yourself out to get them out of a jam...