Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Story Seventy Six - The Dream

I wrote on my Love Belief and Balls blog earlier about the dream I had last night that shed some light on the Personal Budget fiasco. Here is a dream that I had in April 2010, just after the first DoL was authorised.

Steven and I are in the audience of a large theatre. We are separated by an aisle running through the middle of the auditorium.

On stage, a very dark play is taking place. On the floor of the stage are several rusty dias. Standing on each dias are several characters, very similar to Shakespearian characters. There is a King Lear, the three witches and about five others. They are all rather grotesque. The speeches show they are quite mad. The dias start to spin, getting faster and faster. And the faster the dias spin, the madder the characters become.

Two workmen arrive and go under the stage to see what is causing the dias to spin so quickly. There is a huge server that is generating all the energy. It has malfunctioned. The faulty programming (wiring?) has become self serving, so that the fault is actually running the server.

By now, the dias are spinning furiously and the players are struggling to hold on.

An announcement comes over the tannoy that under no circumstances must we go onto the stage but to observe the performance from our seats.

It turned out to be a very useful dream. For the rest of the year, whenever I felt myself being sucked into the system's madness, I would make a concerted effort to not engage. I used the dream before I went into any meeting and had a mantra - "Stay in your seat - don't join the performance".

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