Friday, 25 April 2014

Story Forty One - Burns

One Sunday morning, one of Steven's regular support workers and I took Steven to the Mencap Pool. Whilst in the changing room, we noticed that Steven had a nasty burn mark on his bum and another on his lower arm. Steven said he burned it on the oven at the Unit.

I left it at that but the support worker was very concerned how he came to burn his bum on the oven. He must have had his pants and trousers down at the time.

We spent all day speculating how it could have happened and what to do about it.

In the end, to my shame, we decided to do nothing. All year long my concerns about anything were ignored and me and Steven just became labelled as the problem. I knew that if I asked them to look into it, either they would do nothing or if they found something untoward had happened, they would cover it up and make Steven pay the price.

It was called survival.

#107days #justiceforLB

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