Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Story Twenty Five - Lizzie & Eunice

Compare and contrast.

I really liked Lizzie. She was a heck of a worker. In the many times I visited Steven in the Unit, I never saw her once sitting down doing nothing. She really took the time to try and get to know the guys in the Unit. She was always a bit perplexed by Steven's musical tastes and anything pre-1985 was a mystery to her. She asked me once who Gene Pitney was and "did I have her CD?" I asked Steven about it and he rolled his eyes and said "Lizzie doesn't know the words to 24 Hours To Tulsa" (Not to be confused with the Chas 'n Dave song - 24 Hours To Tulse Hill).

But Steven and Lizzie bonded over Copacabana. Lizzie played the part of Lola (who was a showgirl) and Steven was Rico (who wore a diamond). She even took Steven to see the show when it was on at our local theatre.

If there was smeared shit to be cleaned up, Lizzie would be into her apron and rubber gloves in a jiffy and just got on with it.

I've mentioned Eunice in an earlier story ("Window"). She was the woman who broke the window in an argument with a fellow worker. I never once saw Eunice in an apron or rubber gloves. Apart from the times she was in the kitchen, she was always sitting in the main lounge, thumbing through the Argos catalogue. I remarked on this one day to one of Steven's support workers, who replied - "Yes. She seems to be in a permanent state of lawn mower buying". This made me laugh out loud but it was awkward as she was the only other person in the room, so it obvious the joke was about her.

Apart from the window story, Steven has never ever told me a Eunice story, so I guess that sums up the interactions she had with him.

As is the fate of these working dynamics, Eunice was often asked to step up and be team leader if any of the regulars were off. Lizzie wasn't.

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