Saturday, 12 April 2014

Story Twenty Nine - Naughty Feet

Steven learnt a new phrase when he was in the Unit . "Steven - BEHAVE".
Whatever he was doing at the time, the barking order had the desired effect because it used to send Steven off into hysterics. Nobody at the Unit could understand why. They should have asked me. But then again, they weren't interested in answers - they were in full on litigation mode by now.
Why did it strike Steven as so funny? There's a line in Grease where at the High School dance and the secretary, a little pissed, grabs Sonny and starts dancing. Her accompanying line is: "When I hear music I just can't make my feet behave". This always sets Steven off - "Dad - lady's got naughty feet".
But now, I've also got him to understand what it really means and he uses it in its proper context as well, even though he's creased up when he says it.
Earlier today, Steven was playing some music DVDs. I could hear him dancing but pissing himself laughing at the same time. I went downstairs and he said: "Dad - I've got naughty feet - like at M House"
Have a watch. I defy anyone not to have naughty feet as they listen to this track

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