Friday, 14 March 2014

#Justice for LB - 107 Days

Been thinking long and hard about what I can add to the #107 days campaign.

I find myself repeatedly asking the question - whats the bloody point of assessment and treatment units? The judge in our case slammed the unit for its absence of assessment and there was certainly no treatment taking place.

I'd like a serious review to look at the purpose of these places and if necessary, close the sodding things down.

Steven went away for 3 days respite on 30th December 2009. The following day I stupidly agreed to him being moved to an assessment and treatment unit. 3 days turned into 2 weeks and it finally took 358 days for him to be returned home. In his time in the hellhole, he was unlawfully deprived his Article 5 & Article 8 human rights. The scars are still there for him and me.

I'd like to keep assessment and treatment units in the news until they're gone for good.

For the next 107 days, I will post stories of Steven's time in the Unit. Some will be positive stories of his stoism - some will be about how I fought to get him home - and there will be some horrible stories of the things he had to endure whilst there.

I hope it helps.