Sunday, 16 March 2014

Story Two - Vegetables

After a while I became very distrustful of anything recorded in the Unit's logs. It became clear that the logs weren't being used for "assessment" - their purpose was about building up a case to back up their plan to send Steven away. This was litigation - not assessment.

The social worker kept talking excitedly about all the new vegetables Steven was eating - "This is something you must continue when Steven comes home Mark".

Steven told the truth.

I was looking through the log one day (I was having to sneak a look as I wasn't allowed to read any of the Unit's records):

"Oh - you had steak and broccoli last night Steve?"

"No - just steak. Threw the broccoli in the bin".

They were recording what they dished up rather than what he ate.

But they kept up the lie about vegetables and how "Mr Neary doesn't take food issues seriously" right until we got to court.

Don't assume honest recording in assessment & treatment units - they have a line to follow. The image of the Unit comes before the people in them. They have to be seen to be doing the "right thing" even if the reality is very different.

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