Friday, 28 March 2014

Story Thirteen - Capacity

"Want to live in the Uxbridge house"

"Want to live with Mark Neary"

"Want to go home"

"Steven Neary likes the Uxbridge house"

"Steven Neary has good things in the Uxbridge house. Computer. Music. DVDs. Crisps. Singing. Videos".

"Steven Neary talks to Mark Neary about Mr Bean"

"Don't like M House"

These were Steven's responses at his Mental Capacity Assessment. An assessment to decide if he had the capacity to decide where he wanted to live. An assessment to decide if he can develop a reasoned argument for his choices.

The psychiatrist failed him.

Steven realised words didn't get him freedom, so he took to escaping instead.

#107days #justiceforLB

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