Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Story Eleven - Costs

Steven was taken to the Unit on 30th December 2009.

When we received all the social work records for the court hearing a year later, we discovered a one line email from the social worker's manager dated 31st December 2009 (the day after he moved):

"D - the costs in this case are escalating fast - what can we do about it?"

That was quick.

There was no written response to the email but in the next few weeks they tried to stop Steven's direct payment package which would have meant all his normal support workers would have been laid off. And they classified him as "resident" in the Unit which meant they could start charging him for the privilege of being there.

I never understood the "costs" thing. The cost of the Unit was three times the amount of his normal support package.

But then of course, his normal support package didn't include all the expensive managers and therapists who suddenly came on board. Their jobs and salaries have to be justified I suppose.

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