Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Story Twelve - Geoff

In Story 2 (Shoes) I mentioned that delightful creature, Geoff. This is the story of how Geoff got his comeuppance.

In the summer of 2010, I received a call from the social worker needing to see me urgently. She turned up with her manager and hour later.

The story was Steven had been assaulted at The Unit that morning. He had been kicked three times on the leg and had a cup of coffee thrown over him. Steven was due to come for a home visit that evening and the social worker asked me to check the bruises.

She left a very important part of the story out. And shame on me - I assumed it was one of the other residents.

"What you done to your leg Steve?"
"Geoff did a massive kick on Steven Neary's leg".

I don't know who I was more angry with - Geoff for the attack or the social worker for deliberately misleading me.

Geoff and the Unit's shift leader tried to cover it. But fortunately, two bank agency staff witnessed it and reported it to both their own manager and the police. The CPS prosecuted. The two guts told me later that between then and the trial they received lots of intimidation to try and get them to change their story.

I went to Geoff's trial. He tried to claim provocation but the judge wouldn't let him have it. He kicked Steven three times on his shin and threw a hot cup of coffee over him.

He was found guilty. I never got to know what his sentence was. I asked the social worker but she couldn't tell me in case it breached Geoff's confidentiality.


  1. His sentence should be a matter of public record, as should his name. The court would have the information and it may have been released to the media.

  2. Agree with Matthew. Google his name? Or inbox it to me and ill have a go.
    I'm so sorry ..I had ward incidents of bullying my notes were written completely differently and to make sure I was the one in the wrong . I've complained but got diagnosed with EUPD
    (It was PTSD)
    I'm fighting with you ..xx