Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Story Four - Bryan Ferry

There were some good people working at the Unit. One of the shift leaders (let's call her Hildegard) really tried to connect with Steven through music.

One evening she brought in a Bryan Ferry greatest hits CD. Steven loves "Let's Stick Together" and it sounds like they had a good dance together.

However, they came a cropper on "Jealous Guy". Song lyrics prompt a thousand questions for Steven as he wants a full backstory and complicated explanations for vague lyrics.

"I'm sorry that I made you cry....... Bryan Ferry's sorry because.......?"

Hidegard tried to explain the concept of jealousy to Steven but that was probably one emotional bridge too far. Steven had a more down to earth explanation for the tears:

"Bryan Ferry's crying cos he cut his finger on a tin of sausage and spaghetti hoops".

And the story has stuck.

Good on Hildegard. In other hands, in other ears, this could have led to Steven being signed up for a whole series of "emotional literacy" classes.

It didn't because one of the staff tried to tune in & accepted Steven's view of the world.

Very rare.


  1. Long live all the Hildegards! May the force be with them!

  2. Steven proved how he was trying to relate to Bryan in terms that he could understand.... in my book that's emotional literacy! Thanks for sharing your and Steven's story with us. More people need to be made aware of the kind of 'care' vulnerable people are subjected to.